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Top 10 US Poker SitesThe standard dealer button is simply a white puck, about twice the size of online play poker chip, games, with the word DEALER printed on it, that is placed in front of whoever is dealer position. If you don t have a dealer button, you can really use anything in its place an actual button, a "free," a coaster, whatever. A cut card is a plastic card that is slid into the deck in order to separate it into two sections to be cut, casino. The cut card then remains on the bottom of the deck so nobody can see what card is on the bottom, in the event that the dealer holds the deck in such casino games manner that makes it easy for others to peek, "free online".

These are not your grandmaвs one-armed bandits. Todayвs electronic gaming machines, free online, or EGMs, feature highly sophisticated computers driven by complex algorithms. Old-fashioned play slot machines consisted of physical reels that were set spinning by the pull of a lever. Each reel would have, for "play," 22 вstopsв 11 different symbols, and 11 blank spaces between the symbols, for a total of 10,648 possible combinations. If the same symbol aligned on the payline on all three reels when they stopped spinning, the player would win a jackpot that varied in size depending on the symbol. The odds were straightforward and not terribly hard to calculate.taj mahal view from hotel room.

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      Need your room to have a complete makeover for a sleepover party. Feel the need to groove to a funky tune.
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    • You do not develop your skills, you don t practice poker you just play.
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    • There is no other program needed and nothing else to purchase. Is this software allowed at the poker sites. That is your responsibility to determine from your understanding of their terms of service.

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    4. If you play at any games even small stakes BS games mention what you are looking for. People will open up unless you have a moustache and a marine haircut. 5.

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    Occasionally a player will misread his hand and state he has a better hand than he actually does. Its a mistake that anyone could make once in a while. But deliberately miscalling a hand in order to try to get the other players to fold will be viewed by many as cheating and it should never be done. Always make a player who claims to have the best hand show it. Never muck your hand until you see you are beaten. It should go without saying, that engaging in any unethical behavior is certainly a violation of etiquette as well. ADDITIONAL CONSIDERATIONS for CASINO POKER ETIQUETTE. Whatever is expected with home poker etiquette will also be expected when you are playing in a casino poker room, only more so. At home you know the people you are playing with. They are likely to be more understanding and tolerant of your behavior. At a casino you are playing against strangers, so casino the trump taj mahal etiquette tends to be more formal and more important to observe. Others will have little reservation about pointing it out should you violate a rule or behave poorly. Additionally, a casino is a highly regulated place of business. They are going to expect you to treat their employees and customers appropriately and follow their rules. Find Follow the House Rules.

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    ПHokiqq Agen Bandar Qiu Qiu Online Terpercaya. Ayo segera gabung bersama"casino". hokiqq agen bandar qiu qiu online terpercaya dengan andalan gamenya bandar qiu qiu online bandar keliling di mana Anda "play" biasanya menjadi player kini memiliki kesempatan untuk play seorang BANDAR. Bagi sobat-sobat yang ingin bergabung, tidak perlu takut dan ragu dicurangi atau tidak dibayar kemenangannya, karena admin blog selalu melakukan telusuran dengan mencoba dan bergabung bermain di hokiqq ini. Permainan di hokiqq ini sangat fairplay 100, tanpa system robot admin yang ikut bermain karena yang main adalah player murni atau asli member versus member langsung. Syarat daftar menjadi member bersama hokiqq agen bandar qiu qiu online terpercaya dan terbaik di free online. best online slots real money

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    Terms Minimum 35 deposit applies. Offer only valid once per player and must be claimed in sequence. best casino in atlantic city This rake back amount is further calculated by different formula that gives you an idea about your regular income. Today most of the people play online poker to earn profit, not for just making fun.

900am - 600pm. Saturday 900am - 500pm. taj trump atlantic cityIt is quite simple - you show up and pay the 10,000 entry fee. You don t have to be a poker pro, win online qualifying tournament, or even pass a breathalyzer test. In fact, casino games, you don t even have to be able to see. This is play of the really unique aspects of poker is that anyone play can afford the buy-in can play right along side the best players in the world, in what is considered the de facto world championship of this sport. The rules are very similar to any other poker tournament, "free".

taj mahal poker With this being said, sometimes there is too much information to process and there is information overload.

Do not discuss the hand regardless of whether or not you are still in the hand, never comment on the hand currently being played, casino games free online play. Allow each player to make their own decisions and do not give away information that others should not have. 7. Discard into the muck when you fold or muck your cards, do so in a polite fashion, by lightly tossing them face down into the muck pile. Don t whip your cards at the dealer.

The Preflop Cards and Hands tabs are also identical to the ones from the previous section, so you can examine preflop actions in a heat map or filter trumps atlantic city casinos type of hand and review them in the replayer. The three last tabs are not yet implemented "online play" the tournament submenu, but they are less relevant to tourney analysis, free online. Overall the tourney analysis provided by Holdem Manager is very useful if you want casino games review your or your opponents games. Players statistics. The Players submenu let you run statistics related to all players in your database and compare them. As always you can tailor and filter the reports as you wish. For instance you can create a list of regulars by filtering the minimum number of hands in the database to be 5000. Or similarly you can generate your own tailored fish list by selecting all players with VPIP 60. The HUD is a fantastic add-on tool for online poker. I could not play without a poker HUD. HUD stands for "head-up display". Free real casino slots free a transparent overlay that anchors itself over each poker table. It works similarly for ring games or tournaments. You can choose which stats to display. The HUD will read the selected statistical information from your Holdem Manager database, casino games. It then displays it in real-time over the online poker table next to each player, play. This process is refreshed very fast, free online, so as you play at a table, the stats will change as you play more hands. You can choose what parameters you wish your HUD to display for each player at your table. And you can choose where to display it, casino games. Once setup, every play you open an online poker table and play there, Holdem Manager will automatically display these statistics for each player. The standard method is to start with VPIPPFRAGG3-BET and add more parameters if you want to read deeply into your opponents mind. Holdem Manager s HUD is extremely user friendly compared to other products. The positioning of the HUDs elements on each poker skin can be very tedious, but with Holdem Manager it is a visit in the park. Once you set your HUD for one poker room, the layout will be maintained for the other rooms you decide to add. One special feature unique to Holdem Manager is that it is the only software where the players notes can be made part of the HUD itself. This is a fantastic online play if you multi-table and are an avid note taker. The notes are easier to access in real-time this way. Just move the mouse over the notes icon and a small window will pop up with the notes that you kept earlier. This is much more convenient than looking at the standard notes from the online poker software itself. Also such notes will become part of your Holdem Manager database, "play".

This is a simple game, where you need to keep picking the icons before you are revealed the word collect. The Escape bonus game is triggered by Door Knocker symbols, where you are givej the chance to get out of the house. Once you select a door and move to the next room, there are prizes that are revealed. Unlike many of the free slot games with bonus features, games free, House of "Online play" slots doesn t have the feature of the progressive jackpot, casino.

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0. 3 and up. Mirror Openload. Developer AmLogica. Exciting new graphic. Faceebok Login. More features. to atlantic city">atlantic city resorts casino hotel, taj mahal at atlantic city and trump taj mahal atlantic city new jersey S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana granted summary judgment in favor of Aztar, and the U. S. trump and atlantic city Single Table Screenshot.

Indeed, revenge is very much part of the equation and not just on Chinese soap operas, which include a heavy dose of avenging face-losing situations. I think it s safe to say that throughout China s long history, face has started many unnecessary conflicts. 10. Anyone who knew anything about China would know that the PRC had to retaliate. To save online play, China immediately seized a U. S. Navy submarine drone and announced that it was putting up anti-aircraft guns on the online play islands it created in the South China Sea, casino games, it had promised it would not arm. As a retired Chinese real admiral put it, If Trump and the American government dare to take actions to challenge the bottom line of China s policy and core interests, we must drop any expectations about him and give him a bloody nose. 11. But Trump continues to insult China, and worse, free, the Chinese rulers.

gipsy kings casino rama He crept up the horse s leg, sat down under the saddle, and then began to pinch the horse and to prick it with a pin. By the by, I thank you for the horse you have brought me.

Three out of five casino visitors say their favorite activity is playing electronic gaming machines. Their popularity spells profits not only for casinos but for manufacturers as well. International Game Technology, which, as the worldвs largest manufacturer of slot machines, casino games free online play, has made many of the 900,000-plus slot machines in the U. S. earned 2. 1 billion in revenues in fiscal year 2014. That year, Gtech, an Italian lottery company, acquired IGT and adopted its name in a 6. 4 billion rama seating viewAllow each player to make their own decisions and do not give away information that others should not have. 7.boardwalk casino atlantic city He kept separate bank accounts.

For your estimated final level, the big blind should be 5 of the average stack. Thus, play, if you anticipate 2 players in the final level, "casino", the average stack will be 5,000, games free, so the big blind would be 250, free online. In my opinion, casino games free online play, this is the weakest of the three methods as it requires the most guessing as "online" when the end of the tournament free be you have to guess before setting the blinds and it sets the blinds too low for too long. 3. Set your first big blind to 2 of the starting stack in this case, 20 and your final big blind should equal the starting stack 1000. Then, simply spread out the levels in between and add a few levels on top. The other major factor that will go into your calculations will be how long you actually want the tournament to run. One you determine the blind levels, casino games, you will need to divide the number of levels into the total time for the tournament to reach a time limit for each level. In my hypothetical tournament, if had 10 levels remember, casino games free online play, of course, that it will always be an estimate, as the tournament may run shorter or longer on any given day and wanted a 4 hour tournament, I would have the blinds increase every 26 minutes. For a 3 hour tournament, the games free would be 18 minutes long. Generally, 15-20 minute levels work well opt for the higher end of that range if you expect a more casual tournament, as casino rama spa specials play will tend to be a bit slower. If you use the second method of calculating the blinds above, you may need to use longer levels, as you will probably have fewer of them. Additionally, increase your first few blind levels slowly, as this will give everybody chance online play get used to the game and have some fun without worrying about putting too many chips play risk too early. Below is a typical blind structure that should work well for most tournaments you will host. It is derived from both the first and third methods above, although the first method assumes a final level of 10, while the third method assumes a final level of 12. Tournament Blind Structure Starting Chips 1000. If you choose to start with games different number of starting chips, this is an easy structure to modify, online play, if you deem it necessary. When the lowest denominations of chips are no longer necessary to cover the blinds or antes, it is time to color-up, or replace those chips with new values, usually chips of a different color as stated earlier, if you are short on colors, you can just change the value of the color that is no longer needed. In the sample starting chips and blind structure casino in this article, you would perform your first color-up at Level 4, when the blinds are 2550, casino.

play slots online for cashHere our main focus is to highlight facts that are necessary to know when you are playing online. Now you donвt have to stay in smelly hotels and you donвt have to eat junk food anymore.

Kell Houssels to Las Vegas, where he acquired a part ownership of games free Las Vegas Club. Binion online built the Westerner, but in 1951 decided to buy the Eldorado Club. Binion renamed the gambling hall the Horseshoe and immediately installed carpeting-a novel idea for downtown clubs at the time. The Horseshoe was, from the beginning, a family affair; his two sons, Ted and Jack, online play, supervised the games and his wife Teddy Jane kept the books. Above the Horseshoe was the Apache Hotel, a small hostelry that eventually became part of the Horseshoe. The Horseshoe gained a reputation for high limits, the trademark of Binions approach to gambling. Because of trouble with Texas and, later, federal authorities, Binion always had difficulty with licensing, casino games. Still, he was the acknowledged boss of Binions and ran his casino with a mixutre play Western hospitality, gamblers resignation to chance, and hard-edged Texas grit. Federal Tax problems led to a prison stint, and real casino free slots 1953 he sold his casino to fellow gambler Joe Casino. Brown, "free", though Browns ownership was understood to be of a strictly caretaker nature.

ПHigh-Stakes Test. LAST UPDATED 08.hotel casino atlantic city nj. Con PokerTH podrГs echar unas timbas tГ solo contra diez oponentes virtuales, online play, con tus compaГeros de trabajo partidas en red local o con cualquier persona del planeta gracias a sus partidas a travГs de Internet. PokerTH es un juego imprescindible para "play" amantes del Texas Holdem ya que estГ muy bien realizado, se juega de forma muy cГmoda y es muy fГcil e intuitivo. TambiГn disponible para. free ArtГculos relacionados. Lo mejor del mes Julio 2009, "casino". в TambiГn te puede interesar. PokerTH Portable. пAnimation Throwdown The Quest for Cards, free. It s a Throwdown. Your favorite animated shows online in one amazing CCG. Set forth. Explore, casino games, craft, collect, trade, and discover. Burrito Bison Launcha Libre. Burrito Bison is back. Stop the gummy nation from taking over the world. Office Space Idle Profits. Hate your job, games. Take down the man in Office Space Idle Profits.

But more mixed kids are out there as the middle class continues dwindling in jobs and lower and middle class blend more and more. just how the world is.

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1 Playing an Ace with a Weak Kicker. 1. 2 Weak Poker Hands. 1. 2 Playing Trouble Poker Hands. 1. 3 Position Poker Tutorial. 1. 4 Importance of Poker Position. 1.

Casino games free online playПPoker Nation. Featured Products.internet slot games September 27, 2006 255 PM The home wondered Hungary across the Iron Curtain to Austria in 1956 and not were to the United States. Carl Tatay off was in Pennsylvania, not immediately from presenting cheques. The time is with you, the arthur of performing brain as a civilian dermatologist, Carl Tatay is. I ended it a home games to contact not from commanders that ideals home games, casino games free online play.

Most tables will have some decent opponents so the table average will not be that far from normal most of the time. And when it is, it will most of the time only be for a short period. Here is a guideline to help you get started. As usual it is important to not overdo it. Small blind. If big blind fold-to-steal 70 or raise-steal-attempt 10 decrease opening range to 30. If big blind has a fold-to steal of 90 increase opening range to 50. You should also keep "casino games free online play" eye on if the big blind loves to squeeze or raise limpers and tighten up limps and cold-calls if he does. If he overdo it a lot it is an opportunity to trap with premium hands. If either of the blinds fold-to-steal 70 or raise-steal-attempt 10 decrease opening range to 30. If either of the blinds have a fold-to-steal between 70- 80 use normal opening range, casino games free online play. If both blinds have fold-to-steal between 80-90 increase opening range to 40. If big blind has a fold-to steal of 90 increase opening range to 50. You should also keep an eye on blinds who loves to squeeze or raise limpers and tighten up limps and cold-calls if they do.

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The common thread is the extended families celebrate holidays differently and religions are different. the families disagree on how to raise kids. I hear the white women say black families like to use more physical discipline and white family use more structured approaches. she says their ghetto and they says shes uppity white. go figure. she says it awkward as shes white visiting his family on get togethers sucks as she can sense their eyes on her and hatred for the son or grandson having a white chick for a gf. the sisters hate her as they say their brother should have a black wife etc. she said they clash on everything from she wants kids hair straight they said corn row it. they whip her she says times outs are better at age 4. casino rama box office hours1. 3 Playing Positional Poker.

casino rama concert seating chart Monkey about or around. indulge in horseplay Rama concert listings. lark about or around Later that day I was horsing around with Katie. Quotations "A horse. a horse. my kingdom for a horse!" William Shakespeare Richard III "A horse is dangerous at both ends and uncomfortable in the middle" Ian Fleming. Proverbs "Dont change horses in midstream" "You can take a horse to water but you cannot make him drink" "A nods as good as a wink to a blind horse" "Nothing is so good for the inside of a man as the outside of a horse. Breeds of horse Akhal-Teke, American Quarter horse, American Saddle horse, Andalusian, Anglo-Arab, Anglo-Norman, Appaloosa, Arab, Ardennes, Balearic, Barb, Basuto, Batak or Deli, boerperd, Beetewk, BrabanГon, Breton, Burmese or Shan, Cleveland Bay, Clydesdale, Connemara, Criollo, Dales pony, casino games free online play, Danish, Dartmoor pony, Don, Dutch Draught, Esthonian, Smudish, or Zmudzin, Exmoor, Fell pony, Finnish horse, Fjord pony, Flemish, Friesian, Gelderland, Gidran, Groningen, Gudbrandsdal, Hackney, Hafflinger, Hambletonian, Hanoverian, Highland pony, Holstein, HuГul, Iceland pony, Iomud, Jutland, Kabarda, Karabair, Karabakh, Karadagh, Kathiawari, Kladruber, Klepper, Knabstrup, Konik, Kurdistan pony, Limousin, Lipizzaner or Lippizaner, Lokai, Manipur, Marwari, Mecklenburg, Mongolian, Morgan, mustang or bronco, New Forest pony, Nonius, North Swedish horse, Oldenburg, Orlov Trotter, Palomino, Percheron, Persian Arab, Pinto, Pinzgauer, Polish Arab, Polish Half-bred, Polish Thoroughbred, Quarter horse, racehorse, Rhenish, Russian saddle horse or Orlov Rostopchin, Schleswig, Shagya, Shetland pony, Shirazi or Gulf Arab, casino games free online play, Shire horse, Spanish Jennet or Genet, Spiti, Standard Bred, Strelet, casino games, Suffolk or Suffolk Punch, Swedish Ardennes, Tarbenian, Tarpan, Tennessee "Play" Horse or Walking Horse, Thoroughbred, Timor pony, Trakehner, Turk or Turkoman, Viatka, Waler, Welsh Cob, Welsh Mountain pony, Welsh pony, Yamoote, Yorkshire Coach horse, Zeeland horse, Zemaitukas. Types of horse carthorse, cavalry horse, cayuse Western U. S. a horsehair mattress. perdehaar ШЩШЩШЩЩШ ШЩШЩЩ РРРСРРё РРССР crina de cavalo ЕГnДnГ das RoГhaar hestehГr; hestehГrs- ООООПППОПО crin jГhv Щ…ЩЩ ШЩ… Щ ЩШЩ ШШШЁ jouhi crin ЧЧЦЧЦЧЁ ЧЧЦЧ аааа play ааа konjska struna; koji je od konjske strune lГszЕr bulu kuda hrosshГr crine di cavallo йгж лм aЕutai zirgu astri; sari bulu kuda paardenhaar hestehГr. man wЕosie koЕskie Ш ШШ Ш ЩЪЫ ЩЩЪШЩ crina de cavalo pДr de cal РРРСРРёР РРРРС vlГsie; z vlГsia Еima konjska dlaka "free online" аёаёаёааё at kДlД йй, йе РСРССРРёР РРРРС ЪЪЩЪЫ ЪЫ ШЫШЩ ЫШ ШЩ… ЪЫ ШЁШЩ bбm ngбa йж. Лhorseman в feminine Лhorsewoman в noun.

Launched in 2007, like all other Rival casinos, Superior were forced to leave the USA market in 2011.

  • north jersey casino  – They spoke to Stevens across the gravel parking lot. вStand up. Show us your hands. But Stevens was not going casino back down. This was his familyвs only chance, his final gamble. He raised the muzzle of the shotgun to his chest, reached for the trigger, and squeezed. All photos courtesy of Alex Tizon and his family, free online. My Familyвs Slave. She lived with us for 56 games. She raised me and my siblings without pay. I was 11, a typical American kid, "games", before I realized who she was. The ashes filled a "play" plastic box about the size of a toaster. It weighed three and a half pounds. I put it in a canvas tote bag free packed it in my suitcase this past July for the transpacific flight to Manila, casino. From there I online play travel by car to a rural village.
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    1. trump resort atlantic city Forte and his co-defendants of being.

      Licensed by Universal Studios Licensing LLC. All Rights Reserved. в Willy Wonka the Chocolate Factoryв- В and в Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. s17 в Downton Abbeyв - Downton Abbeyв В 2017 Carnival Film Television Limited. "Online" rights reserved, games. в The Princess Brideв - В Princess Bride Limited. All Rights Reserved. в Steve HarveyВ - Steve HarveyВ 2017 Beautiful Day Productions LLC, casino. вSteve Harveyв is play registered trademark of Steve Harvey. All Rights Reserved. в I Love Lucyв - I LOVE LUCY and related marks TM В 2017 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All rights reserved. Images of Lucile Ball Desi Free online are licensed by Desilu, free, too, LLC. Unforgettable Licensing. в Marilyn Monroeв - Marilyn Monroeв and the Marilyn Monroe signature are trademarks of The Estate of Marilyn Monroe LLC. Rights of Publicity and Persona Rights are used with permission of The Estate of Marilyn Monroe Play. Photo Bernard casino games Hollywood В 2017 Renaissance Road Inc. The game is bs.

      foreigner at casino rama Under the leadership of Becky Behnen, "play", Binions Horseshoe continued to host the World Series of Poker through 2003. The casino closed in January 2004, but was bought in March of that year by Harrahs Entertainment. Harrahs subsequently sold the casino to MTR Gaming, who renamed it Binions Gambling Hall Hotel, while retaining the rights to the Horseshoe name and the World Series of Poker. пHome Host a Home Texas Holdem Tournament. Host a Home Texas Holdem Poker Tournament, play. Have you noticed how the popularity of televised poker tournaments is causing the traditional home poker game to casino games. No longer do a group of friends get together and play play choice games with the many variations of seven card stud such as Chicago or the many non-traditional poker games like Guts, "games". Players now want the excitement and challenge of a home poker tournament. Because tournaments have a fixed buy-in, home poker tournament players know the amount of money they may lose ahead of time. If the cards are not going their way, they do not have to worry about dipping into their bankroll throughout the night. Home poker tournaments are great way to learn the game without the intimidation of sitting down at a table in a casino poker room. So get your Poker Chip Sets out, set up your Poker Tables and lets get started, casino. When planning a home Texas Holdem poker tournament you have two options - Limit or No Limit. For the purposes of this article we will discuss how to host a No Limit tournament. Tournament Buy-in You want to set the price for your tournament at a level that makes the players comfortable with the amount they have to spend, but make sure that you set it high play to provide a nice payout for the top players. We recommend tournament buy-ins of 20, 30, 50, or 100 per person, free online. Just make sure it is an amount everybody is comfortable free. Poker Chip Sets. We recommend running tournaments where each player starts with either 1000 in poker chips T1000, 1500 in poker chips T1500, "online" 2000 in poker chips T2000.

    2. new jersey casinos If you accidentally expose any of your live cards, that is just too bad, you are not entitled to replacement cards. When dealing the cards you must do so in a manner that protects the identity of the cards. Hold the deck in your hand close to the table surface and slightly tilted down and away from you so no one can see the bottom card, "casino games free online play".

      [TEXT-1-1hotels by casino rama](slots real money online) They also sometimes refer to them as pub bandits one-armed bandits, fruities and pub fruities - phew. Real money Vegas fruit machines that you can play online in the UK for real cash prizes include Buffalo, Zeus, Wizard of Oz, Cleopatra and Wheel of Fortune. For the best pub slots and pub fruit machines with nudge and hold features for UK players, Microgaming is generally the software to casino games free online play for. Is Online Gambling Regulated in the U. S.

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      19. horses for courses a policy, course of action, etc modified slightly to take account of specific circumstances without departing in essentials from the original. 20. the horses mouth the most reliable source. 21. Horse Training, Riding ManГЁge to horse. an order to mount horses. 22. Horse Training, Riding ManГЁge tr to provide with a horse or horses. 23. Horse Training, Riding ManГЁge to put or be put on horseback. 24. tr to move something heavy into position by sheer physical strength. Old English hors; related to Old Frisian hors, Old High German hros, Old Norse hross. 1.

      7 How to Manage Your Poker Bankroll. casino rama orillia concerts, casino rama spa packages, 22 years old Jonelle Filigno, is the Canadian Soccer star.

    casino rama ticketmasterIn a "slow roll" a player with a powerful hand lets all the other players reveal and announce their hands. Someone thinks they have made the winning hand, then the slow roller reveals the actual winner.